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Try a Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

I don’t want to show my age here but I have been drinking smoothies for a long time now. I’m very glad to say the recipes have improved a lot since then. Now you might think, “it’s a healthy fruit smoothie recipe“, how can you mess that up? Oh, it’s possible, I can assure you, as the worldly-wise, more experienced ladies can tell you. 🙂

Some looked great but tasted sooo bad. Some tasted like mildly fruit-flavored grit. Nowadays though it’s a different story and the delicious recipes have survived. I like smoothie recipes that are easy, but could you call any of them hard really? I also like healthy smoothies with a video so I can actually watch along. While searching through YouTube, these are some of the best healthy fruit smoothie recipes I found.

Mixed Berries Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Mixed Berries Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

This is a mixed berries smoothie recipe from Yes Kitchen that uses frozen berries. What I like about this recipe though is that it uses strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries all in one. This one tastes as delicious as you are imagining.

5 Wholesome Breakfast Fruit Smoothies

5 wholesome breakfast fruit smoothie recipes.

When my friends try a new fruit smoothie, it’s almost always a breakfast smoothie that they have. It’s easy to see why as well, who wouldn’t like a healthy breakfast that also tastes wonderful?

Some smoothie recipes by “Pick Up Limes” can have different types of vegetables mixed in as well if you want an even more balanced breakfast. Give one a try to start your day!

10 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

10 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

These healthy smoothies are designed for weight loss and feature a mix of fruit and vegetables mostly. The thing I like about these smoothie recipes from “TheSeriousfitness” is that they tell us the number of calories in each smoothie.

Fruit And Yogurt Smoothie

Fruit And Yogurt Smoothie

A fruit & yogurt smoothie that is packed full of antioxidants. The recipe also lets you use frozen fruit if you want. This smoothie has a delicious, sweet taste and is one of the best-looking fruit smoothies.

Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Another recipe that is rich in antioxidants. This passion fruit smoothie also has a few other important health benefits going for it. Apart from providing key nutrients, it also is a good source of fiber.

Make Smoothies the Easy Way

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If you have an older style blender or even just want to make smoothies the easy way then upgrading your blender is the way to go. Plus, if you are like me, you want something that looks great in your kitchen and not a plastic, cheap-looking blender.

The Dash Chef Series is a blender that not only improves the look of your kitchen but is also packed with useful features. I won’t go over all the features here, you can see more details on Amazon. I do however have to tell you it has a self-cleaning feature, how good is that? 😊

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