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Slim Waist Big Booty Workout Plan

There are always some areas of my body that I will always want to be exercising. Usually to keep toned or just so I am fitter. This slim waist big booty workout plan is designed to not only slim your waist but also grow your butt.

Whenever I do this intense workout routine I find myself looking in the mirror at the end as I’m convinced things are slimming and growing already. πŸ™‚

Big booty slim waist workout - lady in swimsuit image.

I found this wonderful slim waist big booty workout video on YouTube by the always inspiring Holly Dolke. The lovely Holly goes through every step with us, telling us exactly how we should be doing each individual exercise.

Slim Waist Big Booty Workout Plan Exercises

Here is a list of each exercise. All of them can be done easily at home and no equipment is necessary.

  • Heel touchers
  • Star crunch
  • Cross mountain climbers
  • Oblique crunches into leg side raises
  • Go through twice

  • Bridges
  • Donkey kicks
  • Butt twists and kick straight
  • Butt lift Supermans
  • Go through each one again

Big booty slim waist - Lady in jeans.

Workout Your Butt In Style

If you have visited me a few times before then you know that even when in full sweaty mode and bright red from exercise, I will still want to look my best. Here are some pages on that will help you look great while working that butt.

Stretchy Racerback Yoga Workout Tank Tops – Popular with lots of bright colors to choose from. All are available on Amazon.

Persit Leggings With Pockets – Great for this workout. Convenience & comfort all in one.

Women’s Yoga Tank Top With Built in Bra – Stylish workout tops with a built in bra for extra support.

Slim Waist Big Booty Workout Plan Video

These exercises are all designed to target the booty and waist. You can see from the many comments that Holly has created a workout that works for lots of people.

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