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Peach Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt

I haven’t had peaches for a while so I decided to get some in. That gave me the problem of exactly what to do with them. 🙂 That’s when I decided to search for a delicious and healthy peach smoothie recipe with yogurt.

Even while researching the recipes and looking through the images my mouth was watering. Here are a few different, popular video peach smoothie recipes that I found on YouTube.

Peach Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt

Peach Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt   (Breakfast Smoothie Recipe)

To get started, here is a simple peach smoothie recipe that is delicious and easy to make. (Well smoothies aren’t exactly hard are they?)


  • 2 medium peaches
  • 1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid sweetener
  • 1/2 cup skim milk

5 Healthy Peach Smoothies For Weight Loss

5 Healthy Peach Smoothies For Weight Loss - Easy Recipes

A selection of 5 peach smoothies that are designed for weight loss. Some of the calorie nutrition facts may be a bit off. Still, they are made from fruits and yogurt so I have posted the video here. There is a cherry, peach smoothie recipe, by the way, I know what one I will make first. 🙂

Peach Breakfast Smoothie Recipe With Chia

Peach Breakfast Smoothie Recipe With Chia

A peach smoothie boosted with chia seeds that’s great for breakfast. If you wanted a dairy-free option. You can use nut-milk and coconut milk yogurt as a dairy-free alternative.

Peaches Nutritional Information

Now we have a few different tasty peach smoothie recipes with yogurt to choose from, let’s take a look at how healthy peaches are.

1 small peach nutritional information

  • 51 Calories
  • 0.3g Fat
  • 12g Carbohydrates
  • 2g Fiber
  • 11g Sugars
  • 1.2g Protein

If you want even more information, you can find it here, Food Data Central Raw Peach. They even have a handy drop-down menu if you want to see the nutritional information for different portion sizes.

Don’t forget that apart from being packed with nutrients and antioxidants, peaches are known to help digestion, improve heart health, protect your skin, boost immunity, and more. Here is a handy link if you want to know more, 10 surprising health benefits and uses of peaches.

How to Know When a Peach Is Ripe?

How to Know When a Peach Is Ripe?

When buying peaches we of course want to pick the ones that are ripe and it’s not always so easy to tell. Here are 4 handy tips that will help you find the ripe or nearly ripe peaches.

  1. Color – The color should be a darkish yellow color, red just means direct sunlight exposure. Green means it hasn’t reached it’s full juicy potential yet.
  2. Shape – As a peach ripens it becomes more rounded.
  3. Smell – If you’ve seen people sniffing peaches in the supermarket, they are looking for a sweet aroma. No smell could mean no taste!
  4. Softness – If the peach is slightly soft it’s ripe, if it’s hard to the touch then it’s not ready.

Once you get the peaches home, store them in the fridge and they should keep for up to 5 days.

More Smoothies…

I love smoothies and I am always trying new and different recipes. If you want to try some other types of smoothies, here are some popular ones here on

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