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Mint Lilac Printed Yoga Leggings

I love this range of Mint Lilac printed yoga leggings that are available on Amazon. These leggings combine comfort with performance. Throw some colorful fashion in there as well and you have yoga leggings that are fashionable as well as functional.

Mint Lilac Printed Yoga Leggings
P-309, Mint Lilac Printed Yoga Leggings

These Mint Lilac printed yoga leggings feature a high waisted, elasticated waistband for more tummy control. They have a soft, stretchy feel that is great for most activities as well as everyday wear.

P-358, Mint Lilac Printed Yoga Leggings
P-358, Mint Lilac Printed Yoga Leggings

Mint Lilac Printed Yoga Leggings Features

  • Stretchy fabric
  • Elasticated high waist
  • 4-Way stretch
  • moisture-wicking
  • Colorful print patterns
  • Free return & full refund warranty 
P-304  Printed Leggings.

Mint Lilac has a great range of prints, show off your vitality with 15 colorful designs to choose from. There are four different sizes, small, medium, large, and X-large. When I checked, nearly all the sizes were available for each print.

High waisted Elasticated Waistband - P-316

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