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Lose Weight Faster With Broccoli

Lose weight faster with broccoli by cooking and preparing it the right way and finding healthy broccoli recipes that don’t taste bland. Often said to be the ‘number one’ ranked vegetable for weight loss, broccoli delivers a huge vitamin boost for a low amount of calories.

Research has shown that eating broccoli regularly can increase our metabolism, helping to burn off calories. It is also known to reverse the diet damaging effects of high-fat foods sitting in our gut.

Preparation and Cooking the Right Way

First off don’t get out the cheese sauce and start smothering the broccoli! With the right healthy recipes, you can make broccoli taste good enough without adding all those unhealthy calories.

Also try not to boil the broccoli. At least don’t over-boil, as this will drain all the valuable vitamins and minerals. Instead, try steaming, lightly roasting, or even eating raw. Add a squeeze of lemon or sprinkling of cracked pepper for more taste.

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Fiber and Protein

Being rich in fiber means broccoli helps fight fat and helps in losing weight. Fiber helps with satiety, making us feel full and therefore eating less. Eating more fiber is great for improving digestion and helping with stomach problems, including constipation.

If you want to fight the bulge and break down that belly fat, protein is a good helper. Adding a lot of protein to your diet boosts metabolism and can curb our appetite. Eating more protein has been shown to increase the amount of calories burned by about 80 to 100 per day.

Healthy Broccoli Recipes

A big reason people can be reluctant to eat broccoli multiple times a week is because of boring, bland recipes. Which is a shame if we are trying to lose weight faster with broccoli, because we want to get a few servings every week.

There are some amazing low calorie weight loss recipes out there that are full of flavor and easy to make. Take a look at some of these low fat, healthy broccoli recipes.

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