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Is Mango Good For Losing Weight?

I’m not really a huge fan of mango. I usually eat them when they are mixed in with other fruits in a fruit salad. When a friend asked recently is mango good for losing weight? I realized I didn’t really know that much about how healthy a mango really is.

My friend likes to eat mango when she feels peckish and wants a tasty snack. She was trying to eat at least three different types of fruit a day and snacking on mango was part of that plan. So I decided to find out more about how healthy mangoes are. 🙂

Is Mango Good For Losing Weight - Mangoes on Wooden Board.
Is Mango Good For Losing Weight – Mangoes on Wooden Board.

Is Mango Good For Losing Weight?

So you love the sweet taste of mangoes but want to make sure you’re not going to pack on extra pounds. Well, because mangoes are very fibrous, they fill you up without too many calories.

The trick to losing weight with mango is to eat them when you feel a sugar craving or need a quick snack before dinner. Try to use mangoes as a healthy alternative to sugary snacks or as a sweet after-dinner treat. Swapping cookies, cakes, and chocolate bars for mangoes will help you lose weight quicker and feel healthier.

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What Else Can Mangoes Do For Me?

The high amount of fiber in mangoes means that just one cup of mango has around 2.6 grams of fiber which can help with digestive problems.

Vitamin C is probably what most people think of when they think of a mango. As I’ve discussed a few times on Image Healthy Vitamin C is great for healthy, glowing skin and silky, strong hair.

Immune boosting, mangoes are high in Vitamin A as well. This means mangoes can help us fight off infections and keep our immune system healthy.

To help us fight off signs of aging and chronic diseases mangoes are also high in antioxidants. If you want to find out more about the nutritional health benefits of mangos, you can read more at HealthLine.

One word of caution though, dried mango is a lot higher in sugar and calories. Always try to stick to fresh mango when trying to lose weight.

Healthy Tip – Keep Your Heart Healthy With Five Portions of Vegetables and Fruit a Day, Such as Mango.

How To Cut Mango

I sometimes have problems cutting mango and I found this 60 second YouTube video showing how to do it the quick way. Warren shows us how to cut the mango into cubes easily.

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