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Gym Bag With Water Bottle Holder

Finding a gym bag with water bottle holder that I really liked was a lot harder than I expected. Most of the bags were bulkier camping/hiking bags instead of being a cute gym bag, which was what I wanted.

Plus, a lot of the bags were black, which is fine (the only other gym bag I have is black) but I wanted something more colorful this time. Some of the bags I have listed here have a drop-in side expandable mesh pockets, while others have a holder designed for water bottles only.

1. Under Armour Gym Bag With Side Mesh Holder for Water Bottle

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

This Under Armour gym bag features a large zipper enclosure plus multiple, handy zippered pockets. There is an elasticated mesh pocket on the side for your water bottle. With such a wide range of colors and patterns, you will probably find a design for you.

2. TYR Big Mesh Backpack for Gym & Wet Swimming

TYR Big Mesh Backpack for Gym & Wet Swimming

A very well ventilated mesh gym backpack from TYR. This backpack is great for when you have wet or damp towels or clothes to stop them from smelling and going musty. It also has it’s own holder made for your water bottle.

3. AmazonBasics Sports Gym Bag

AmazonBasics Sports Gym Bag With Water Bottle Holder

Available in six colors, this lightweight gym bag from Amazon is ideal for holding your water bottle. This bag has the side mesh drop-in style. It’s a 60L capacity bag with a grab handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.

4. Adidas Squad Gym Bag With Water Bottle Holder

Adidas Squad Gym Bag With Water Bottle Holder

I have to say this Adidas gym bag was my favorite from my searches. I love the modern colors and small design touches. It has an exterior ventilated compartment for your shoes as well as a handy mesh pocket for your drink.

5. Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Drink Storage

Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Drink Storage

There are so many features to list for this cute gym bag from SportsNew. You can see on Amazon a full list of what it has. It does feature not one but two water bottle holders that can easily hold 800ml bottles.

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