Hello, I’m Alex and I’m the one who writes most of the posts around here. 🙂 I started out wanting a place to write about female fitness and weight-loss tips. Imagehealthy.com was created and I found out that I loved writing a blog.

Finding healthy recipes that didn’t take an hour to prepare and an hour to cook took quite some time to find. I starting writing about the healthy recipes that I had tried and recipes that had been recommended to me. These proved to be quite popular and I decided to expand my topics.

I added writing about women’s fitness fashion and athletic wear to Imagehealthy.com as well. Sure it’s fun shopping but if you haven’t got the time and you don’t know exactly what features you might need, then a page talking about what you’re looking for, say yoga bottoms or running jackets, for example, will help a lot.

So here we are today with me writing posts that hopefully inspire my visitors to be more healthy or to save some time in women’s busy lives so you can do more of what you want.