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5 Cucumber Drinks To Lose Weight

Try one of these 5 cucumber drinks to lose weight. If you’re wanting a cool, delicious alternative to plain water or high sugar content sodas, these will provide a healthy alternative. The refreshing flavor of fresh cucumber is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Because of it’s subtle flavor, cucumber mixes very well with other fruits and vegetables.

Cucumbers contain important vitamins and minerals which are great for our body. Find out these 17 amazing cucumber health benefits.

5 Cucumber Drinks To Lose Weight

1. Healthy Cucumber Lemonade

Image of glasses with healthy cucumber lemonade drink - How To Make Healthy Cucumber Lemonade

A tasty mix of cucumber and lemon with honey and sparkling water. A refreshing drink to keep you cool and hydrated. How to make healthy cucumber lemonade.

2. DIY Cucumber Detox Juice

Image of a glass of DIY cucumber detox juice

This cucumber juice has the advantage of being a detox juice as well as a healthy, cooling drink. A simple, cleansing, DIY cucumber detox juice that you can make anytime.

3. Cucumber Mint Smoothie

Image of cucumber mint smoothie in a glass

All these cucumber drink recipes are simple to make but this one is probably the easiest of them all to make. Try this lovely cucumber mint smoothie today.

4. Cucumber And Carrot Detox Juice

Image of cucumber and carrot detox juice in a glass.

A refreshing cucumber and carrot detox juice to help with achieving a slimmer waist. This drink is packed with vitamins and minerals.

5. Cucumber And Apple Juice

Image of cucumber and apple juice in a glass.

High in fiber and great in taste. This cucumber and apple juice drink is also detoxifying and gives a boost to healthy skin.

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