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The 5 Best Recipes for Vegetarian Sandwiches

Try one of these recipes this week from this list of what could be the 5 Best Recipes for Vegetarian Sandwiches. If you liked it and have the ingredients in your fridge then why not try a second sandwich recipe. 🙂

I can’t believe I went so many years eating plain, boring sandwiches. You know the ones I mean, the ones you used to have on family outings when you were a kid. Things changed when I saw a vegetarian sandwich recipe that looked so delicious that I just had to try to make it myself.

After the first bite, I was hooked and had to try some different vegetarian sandwich recipes. Pinterest and Youtube gave me lots of beautiful looking recipes that I just had to try. Well many months later and lots of tasting, this is the list of The 5 Best Recipes for Vegetarian Sandwiches that I have found so far.

Bombay Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich

Bombay Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich - The 5 Best Recipes for Vegetarian Sandwiches

This recipe uses three slices of bread with a light spread of butter and green chutney. The center slice is then covered with thinly sliced potato and thinly cut onions before being sprinkled with Chaat Masala. You then stack the sandwich with the other slices of bread, filling these with sliced tomato, cucumber, and thinly cut capsicum. You can then add your favorite cheese and then cook until golden brown.

This is a great vegetarian sandwich as it’s not only packed with flavor and has a Bombay kick but it’s also very versatile, allowing anyone to swap in leftover ingredients they have in the fridge.

Ultimate Veggie Hummus Sandwich

Ultimate Veggie Hummus Sandwich

This hummus veggie sandwich recipe is very easy to prepare and also very versatile with its ingredients. Choose your favorite hummus, the recipe creator recommends trying either roasted red pepper, garlic, Italian style, or Edamame and you are set.

This is another recipe that lets you use those vegetables you have leftover in the fridge before they lose their crunchiness. Overall a very simple and quick sandwich. 🙂

Best Vegan Egg Salad Recipe

Best Vegan Egg Salad Recipe

An egg salad recipe that we can use in sandwiches or on toast that doesn’t contain any eggs or any dairy. Very easy to make, this is an egg salad recipe without eggs that is very vibrant in color and still has an eggy taste to it.

Great with garlic, you can add your favorite vegetables to this vegan egg salad substitute easily to add even more color and flavor.

Vegan Pulled BBQ Mushroom Sandwich

Vegan Pulled BBQ Mushroom Sandwich

Fourth on my list of the 5 best recipes for vegetarian sandwiches is a vegan sandwich that even meat lovers would give a second look. Using mushrooms, (one of my favorites) this is a spicy and tangy recipe that definitely has that smoky BBQ taste.

It really tastes as good as it looks, this is a sandwich recipe that really oozes that BBQ taste and looks.

Grilled Caprese Vegetarian Sandwich

Grilled Caprese Sandwich - Toasted vegetable sandwich with pesto.

Number 5 and definitely not least is this light and delicious vegetable sandwich with pesto from the charming Manjula’s kitchen. This is a very easy to make toasted french bread sandwich recipe.

You can also try adding arugula or mushrooms instead of spinach or even adding some garlic for even more flavor. Try some different combinations for yourself.

Don’t forget to try at least one of these recipes this week and if all goes well and you like it then next week you can try two recipes. Maybe you will go through all of the 5 best recipes for vegetarian sandwiches. Plus there are lots more recipes to try, including healthy snacks and meals, you can see them on my Food & Recipes Archive.

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