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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Over 90% of women and 10% of men share the problem of having cellulite, but don’t worry, as here are 10 ways to get rid of cellulite. Get going on at least some of these solutions to burn away that dimpled skin around your thighs and butt.

1. Change Your Diet

We will start with one of the most obvious but most important ways to get rid of cellulite. Cutting down on eating sugary, high calorie foods is going to help in getting rid of those fatty dimples. Avoid snacks with high salt and sodium and try replacing them with fruits or even fresh vegetables.

2. Massage Troubled Areas

I’m sure this way of getting rid of cellulite is going to be more popular. A lot of cellulite massagers are available today and massaging those cellulite hot-spots will help promote circulation and break up fluids under the skin. Massaging also helps spark lymphatic drainage which helps eliminate toxins from the fat layer.

3. Tone Up

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Laying on the couch in front of the TV is not going to help burn cellulite.  Exercises at home and without equipment is fine. Look for workout routines that focus more on thighs, glutes and core. All this toning will eventually make you legs, butt and tummy appear smoother.

4. Anti Cellulite Remedies

There are certainly some good anti cellulite products available but if you are looking to make your own, then try the popular coffee grounds method. Make your own exfoliant by mixing 1/4 cup of coffee grounds, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Massage your troubled areas with this mixture for several minutes then rinse with warm water.

5. Cellulite Treatments

Some of these treatments like ‘Cellutone’ can be costly but may be worth it. Cellutone helps to break up fibrous banding by blasting them with 6,000 shockwaves in the span of 7 minutes to an area. Some people claim to have seen results after only one session.

6. Dry Brushing

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Many people claim dry brushing helps with their cellulite. Dry brushing improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. With your skin dry and using a dry brush, brush from your feet up to your shoulders for about 5 minutes. Afterwards rinse and wash your skin in the shower.

7. Drink Water

Drinking water is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so it comes as no surprise that water can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Water helps flush the toxins that can build up in the pockets of your cellulite.

Drinking 8 ounce servings of water 8 times a day is recommended by doctors. If you can’t stand plain water then try infusing your water with fresh fruit or even adding a little honey. This will flush out the toxins from your body and give you a healthy glow.

8. Cardio

We’ve had light toning at number 3 on this list but when it comes to exercising to get rid of cellulite then cardio is what is needed. The more effort you put in the more fat you burn and the quicker that cellulite melts away.

9. Essential Oils

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There are several essential oils you can try if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For oils with detoxing and skin strengthening benefits try Juniper, Rosemary or Birch oil. Simply massage into any affected areas after bathing.

10. Balance Hormones

Last but not least on the list of 10 ways to get rid of cellulite is balancing hormones. Many sources believe that hormones play a role in the appearance of cellulite, explaining why women are more likely to have it than men. Working to keep hormones in balance may reduce cellulite. To do this make sure you don’t go overboard on caffeine, eat healthy fats and get quality sleep.

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More Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite

I hope some of the cellulite solutions above will help. For more help with cellulite, visit our page, How can I get rid of cellulite on my butt fast? If you are looking at improving your eating habits then find out these 10 foods that reduce cellulite.

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